The next revolution in workflow
Now there’s Prinergy  Workflow :
the next revolution in workflow. Prinergy brings a new level of automation, accuracy and efficiency to the creation of print. It features intent-based automation that extends from the point of order entry to the final assembly of the printed product. The result is tighter quality control, fewer manual touch points, and lower costs of production.

Reducing the costs of manufacturing print
Prinergy  Workflow extends automation upstream to your customer’s order, whether it’s received via Kodak InSite  Prepress Portal, your management information system (MIS), online storefront or manual entry from a sales rep. It uses the full description of the finished job, including the breakdown of its component parts—to automate its planning, processing and production.
It also understands your manufacturing capabilities: your Resources, Equipment and Materials—and uses your capabilities to plan and route various parts of the job to specific equipment. Based on your equipment’s capabilities—sheet size, print stock, color characteristics, and so on—the job is created, imposed and color-adjusted—automatically.
The automation in Prinergy  Workflow also extends downstream to your digital presses and CTP devices. Comprehensive, two-way communication provides customer service reps (CSRs) with job status information, and keeps operators alert to device status at all times.
Integrated job control:
see it, manage it, automate it Prinergy Workflow Version 5 was renowned for its operator-friendly interfaces—one for every core function, from the Prinergy Workshop to the Dashboard, Digital Direct and Digital Submit, and Kodak Preps Software.
Prinergy brings the key functions— including imposition, color management and digital device management—into a single interface: the productivity-focused Prinergy Workspace.

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