Energize your business today
The Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Color Platform can help you drive more jobs per shift and more profit per page, by consistently and reliably producing market-leading image quality from job to job and day to day.

Expand tomorrow
The fully modular design of the NexPress SX Platform allows you to easily expand as your business evolves. High-capacity paper input and output permit longer uninterrupted printing. Add a roll feeder, long sheet pile feeder or delivery module for even greater paper capacity, and in-line finishing modules to complete jobs in fewer steps. Award-winning technology lets you print four or five colors at full-rated speed.

With the optional business-building Kodak NexPress Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, you can print gold, dimensional raised print, accurate spot colors, clear, security features with red fluorescing dry ink or MICR, watermarking or a protective coating, and create high-impact glossing that will capture your customers’ attention and higher margin application streams for you.

A new long-sheet option expands both application flexibility and efficiency. With a 39.37” (1 meter) sheet length—the longest sheet currently available among leaders in the digital color cut-sheet market—you’ll be able to print 6-page brochures or 3-up letters, as well as deliver more impositions per page, maximizing output and reducing waste. Press productivity with 26” longer sheets increases by approximately 10%, boosting overall output.

Robust substrate support
The versatile NexPress SX Platform is designed to print on the widest range of substrates—more than 800 substrates have been qualified.
With offset press-like paper handling, a variety of sizes, weights, thicknesses, and surfaces are printed with consistency and reliability.
You’ll be able to print on coated and uncoated paper, plastics, magnets, and linen stock. Industry-leading front end flexibility allows you to add and store more substrates, enabling you to control the substrates you use and quickly print on your own special substrates—
differentiating you from your competitors.

Powerful front end
Kodak continues its commitment to technology innovation as one of the first digital solution providers to integrate the Adobe PDF Print Engine into the powerful Kodak NexPress Front End. The NexPress Front End handles files up to 3 times faster than previous versions for jobs with image-intensive variable data that is recurring. The scaleable NexPress Front End delivers the processing power you need to handle a high volume of complex jobs efficiently.

Delivering photo image quality
The NexPress SX Platform ships with Kodak’s proprietary image processing technology to maintain optimum output quality. Key quality control tools include HD dry inks and developers and the upgraded Kodak NexPress Intelligent Calibration System, which automates the process of checking and maintaining print uniformity.

Kodak NexPress HD Dry Inks and Developers work together with improved imaging unit components and intelligent software modules to deliver offset-class, smooth, flat tints, richer deeper black, photo quality images, and exceptional consistency over time. A Matte Finish option is made possible with a new matte fuser roller. This allows you to expand your array of finishes ranging from matte to satin to high gloss. Enabling the matte finish is a simple, fifteen-minute component change. The result is a rich aesthetic effect that rivals offset. You’ll be able to produce high-value, color-critical applications such as direct mail, catalogs, photo merchandise, point-of-sale material and printon-
demand collateral.

Dependable and reliable
The NexPress SX Platform is designed with an unprecedented level of user serviceability. The combination of Operator Replaceable Components (ORCs) and a world-class, onboard operator support system helps ensure that you will be printing, not waiting for service to arrive.

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