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Prinergy Workflow

Prinergy Evo

The next revolution in workflow
You know the Kodak Prinergy Workflow. It’s the workflow system that
revolutionized prepress, and has been recognized for its impact on the
graphic communications industry. Prinergy Workflow introduced intelligent
automation to print manufacturing, centralized control over digital presses
and CTP devices, and put more prepress power and control into the
operator’s hands than anything before.

Industry Proven
Kodak Prinergy Evo Workflow is based on the industry proven Prinergy Workflow software and provides a low cost solution for printers who do not need an automated database-driven workflow.
Software options include: advanced preflighting, normalization of PDF files, color management, trapping, and high resolution output to proof or plate. With an intuitive user interface, self-training, and support, Prinergy Evo Workflow provides for an easy, efficient operation. It is a flexible workflow system that helps streamline processes and reduce the costs of production.

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